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Mothers' poor health revealed in new study

December 09, 2019

A study from the Key Centre for Women's Health in Society at The University of Melbourne reveals very poor health among mothers with unsettled babies who are admitted to early parenting centres. The researchers, who assessed 79 women, found they were dangerously sleep deprived with 80% getting fewer than six hours sleep in 24 hours. Many had symptoms of depression and anxiety and some had suicidal thoughts. At the same time many were coping with additional life demands like a death in the fa...

Disruption of chromosome loops can lead to Beckwith-Wiedemann Syndrome

December 08, 2019

Disruption of these loops can lead to Beckwith-Wiedemann Syndrome (BWS) ?? over-large babies with various tumours ?? which affects 1 in 13,000 births. The risk of developing the syndrome is increased four-fold in babies born following IVF treatment. Confirmation of the existence of the loops, described in an article published in Nature Genetics, was made by Dr Adele Murrell and colleagues, working with Dr Wolf Reik at the Babraham Institute. Scientists had previously speculated that these loo...

Planned clinical trial of Adeona's zinc-based therapy for ALS patients to be featured at ALS Summit

December 07, 2019

In a joint statement, the three doctors concluded, "We have successfully treated 12 ALS patients with unilateral or bilateral intraspinal injections of neural stem cells. All of the patients tolerated the procedure without major surgical complications, and there are no indications to date that the stem cells themselves are either toxic or injurious to the spinal cord. Our quantitative clinical assessments showed no evidence of acceleration of disease following stem cell injections, meeting ...

Walgreens, MDA team up to offer free seasonal flu shots

December 06, 2019

Dr. Roskams, who led the collaborative research team, has said that it is possible this pool of cells was overlooked because of its unusual location, and because scientists have been working with limited information. With the availability of the public, online Allen Spinal Cord Atlas, the information accessible to researchers has been vastly increased.In the search for neural stem cells, scientists have been using a few known genes as clues to find candidates deep in the middle of the spinal cor...

SIGMAR1 gene mutation associated with development of juvenile ALS

December 05, 2019

Previous research found that mutation of the superoxide dismutase 1 (SOD1) gene accounts for 20% of familial and 5% of sporadic ALS cases; gene mutations of ALS2 and SETX have been reported in juvenile ALS cases. The present study led by Dr. Amr Al-Saif from the King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center in Riyadh, KSA performed genetic testing on four patients from an ALS family who were diagnosed with juvenile ALS to investigate mutations suspected in disease development.Researchers p...