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HIV treatment drugs also help prevent HIV infection in high-risk men: Study

July 21, 2019

"This is a hugely significant finding that gives us great hope in the promise of ARV-based prevention if used as directed. It's now even more important that studies like VOICE provide the best information they can, so that we can know just how effective different ARV approaches are in diverse at-risk populations. To do this, we need to work especially hard to ensure that people who participate in the PrEP trials are using their study product as directed," stated Jeanne Marrazzo, M.D., ...

Researchers discover common genetic variants influence early puberty, body fat

July 20, 2019

The authors found that 56 percent of the participants had mild (35 percent) or severe (21 percent) insomnia, compared to 23 percent in the general population. In contrast to what other studies have shown, younger engineers were more likely to be insomniacs than their older counterparts. In terms of gender differences, more women suffered from mild insomnia than men while more men suffered from severe insomnia than women.Quality of life in general, and mental and physical health in particular, we...

Psychiatric hospitalization rate decreases among adults with schizophrenia treated with INVEGA SUSTENNA: Study

July 19, 2019

There were 160 patients in the randomized INVEGA SUSTENNA-to-open label INVEGA SUSTENNA group and 153 patients in the randomized placebo-to-open label INVEGA SUSTENNA group.  The average age, gender and duration of schizophrenia diagnosis were similar at the start of the double blind phase for both groups. For the placebo group the average age was 38.5 years, 51 percent of the patients were male and 32 percent had schizophrenia for five or more years. For the INVEGA SUSTENNA group, the aver...

Simple test and an MRI predicts future Alzheimer??ôs disease

July 18, 2019

The cognitive test involved asking participants to react as quickly as possible to the illumination of one of two lights, by pressing a corresponding button. The lesions were found in those whose performance was highly variable i.e. reacting within 200 milliseconds at one attempt, and taking 450 milliseconds the next. Those who reacted with similar rates with wither fast or slow tendencies did not have the lesions. Professor Bunce explained, ???In the same way that middle-aged people go to the ...

UBM's virtual expo offers job opportunities and career development for psychiatrists, mental health professionals

July 17, 2019

OVC administers the VOCA formula funding to the states, the District of Columbia, and territories, which awards the funding to over 5,000 victim service programs operating at the state and local levels.  Domestic violence is one of OVC's priority areas, requiring that states and territories allocate a minimum of 10 percent of their VOCA assistance funds to serving victims of domestic violence, as well as sexual assault and child abuse.  Domestic violence victims can receive compensatio...