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Paxil General Info

Paxil pills General Info

Paxil is a strong antidepressant.
After receipt of the drug in the gastrointestinal tract, its absorption occurs, followed by a process of metabolism by first passing through the liver. The equilibrium concentration of the drug is achieved after 7-14 days of therapy. The drug is characterized by a nonlinear dependence of pharmacokinetic parameters on the dose and treatment period. Paxil is extensively distributed in tissues, only 1% of the dose taken is present in plasma. 
Metabolism of the drug occurs in the liver with the formation of inactive metabolites. The major metabolites include conjugated and polar oxidation and methylation products, which have negligible pharmacological activity. 
The selective capture of serotonin by neurons due to the action of Paxil is not disturbed in the process of metabolism. Through the kidneys, 64% of Paxil is excreted as metabolites and 2% in unchanged form.
Less than 1% is excreted through the intestines in unchanged form, and the rest of the preparation is in the form of metabolites. The first phase of excretion of metabolites occurs as a result of the first passage of Paxil through the liver. 
In the second phase, the excretion process is controlled by systemic elimination. 
In case of impaired liver or kidney function and if you old, the level of concentration of paroxetine in the blood plasma increases. 
Instructions for Paxil (Generic) 
Tablets should be taken orally, in the morning, 1 time per day, with meals, swallowing whole and drinking plenty of water. The dose should be selected individually during the first 14–21 days of therapy. If necessary, it can be changed later.


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Article is posted by Helen Molina, MD

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