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Lipitor General Info

Lipitor pills General Info

You need to use Lipitor if you have familial and non-family hypercholesterolemia, and primary hypercholesterolemia. Also, if you have mixed (combined) hyperlipidemia (Types IIa and IIb Fredrickson classification) in combination with a cholesterol-lowering diet aimed at reducing elevated total cholesterol.
Do not use Lipitor in case of: 
Hepatic impairment (Child-Pugh grades A and B); 
Active liver disease, increased activity of liver enzymes (more than 3 times higher than the upper limit of normal) of unknown genesis; 
The period of pregnancy and breastfeeding; 
Age up to 18 years; 
Hypersensitivity to the drug. 
Also, it is not recommended to use Lipitor when you have a history of liver disease, patients with arterial hypertension, alcohol dependence, metabolic and endocrine disorders, severe disorders of electrolyte balance, severe acute infection (sepsis), skeletal muscle disorders, uncontrolled epilepsy, and extensive surgery injuries. 
The dosage of Lipitor (Generic)
Tablets should be used 1 time per day, regardless of the meal at any time of the day. The doctor prescribes the dose individually, taking into account the initial level of LDL cholesterol, the purpose of therapy and the patient's response to the drug. Reception of Lipitor should be accompanied by regular (once every 2-4 weeks) control of the level of lipids in the blood plasma, on the basis of the data obtained to give a correct dose. 
Dose adjustment should be made no more than 1 time in 4 weeks. The maximum daily dose is 80 mg. When treated at a dose of 40 mg, the drug should be taken in combination with bile acid sequestrant.

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Article is posted by Helen Molina, MD

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