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Robaxin General Info

Robaxin pills General Info

Robaxin is a methocarbamol-based muscle relaxant utilized for treatment of skeletal muscle fit and concomitant symptoms and additionally symptomatic treatment of agony caused by muscle sprains and strains. 
Reactions of Robaxin may include: 
• unfavorably allergic responses, e.g. hives, swollen face, lips, tongue, throat; 
• unsteadiness, sleepiness, exhaustion, fainting; 
• a migraine, disarray, loss of parity; 
• slow pulse rate; 
• jaundice; 
• spasm, convulsions; 
• sickness, stomach pain, retching; 
• obscured vision; 
• memory issues; 
• a sleeping disorder; 
• stuffy nose. 
To diminish the danger of treating symptoms, it is necessitated that your specialist approved treatment with Robaxin on the off chance that you: 
• are unfavorably allergic or overly sensitive to methocarbamol or some other substances, goods or drugs; 
• experience the ill effects of or have illness history marked by myasthenia gravis, cerebrum harm, epilepsy, and renal or hepatic issue; 
• are taking meds containing pyridostigmine bromide or anticholinesterase specialists. 
Robaxin cannot be utilized in patients in extreme lethargies or pre-trance like state states. It is emphatically prescribed to be in distance from alcohol beverages amid treatment and in addition working machines or driving until the point when you are certain of the impact Robaxin start to act. Robaxin overdose can be deadly. If there is a probability you have taken an additional or twofold doze of Robaxin pursued by the advancement of serious manifestations, for example, seizures, sickness, to a great degree obscured vision or sluggishness, look for medicinal consideration quickly. 


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Article is posted by Helen Molina, MD

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