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Employees need to review health insurance plans during open enrollment

July 12, 2019

Health insurance companies have already been increasing efforts to contain costs and increase profits by raising premiums and mandating pharmaceutical switching. In some cases, insurance companies have also started to determine how much of a medication they think patients should be taking. If a doctor decides to prescribe more than the insurance companies believe to be appropriate, they may not provide coverage for that medication at that dosage.

Certain groups that rely on very specific daily medications for their well-being, such as patients living with MS, epilepsy or mental health issues, can suffer dire side effects if they are given a medication that's different - or in a different quantity - than that originally prescribed for them.

"Asking the right questions can help you to save money on your plan," says Borel. "But more importantly, it can prevent unpleasant surprises regarding vital daily medications or the cost of future doctor visits."

SOURCE Coalition of Texans with Disabilities