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Negative press: Veterans Support Organization calls on reporters to perform adequate research

June 02, 2019

At the recent opening of the ISR, a VSO training facility, Barry Wilson, a veteran and recent VSO trainee participant had Veterans Counsel Commissioners, VA Hospital Staff, Police Commissioners, other Veterans group Commanders in tears, admitting if it were not for VSO, he would have committed suicide.

There are hundreds of such testimonies available, giving VSO credit for saving lives and restoring veterans to the stability and respect they earned serving our country.

Ask yourself: what is one veteran's life worth? How about 20 or 200? Now let's talk about what percentage of funds raised by VSO goes to fund these programs. According to independent certified auditors, more than 65% of funds raised by VSO went to these program services, not the 15% cited by these reporters. Did these reporters call the independent certified auditors? No! What type of reporting is this?

VSO now invites all interested parties and media to visit the programs run and entirely funded by VSO, talk to the appropriate staff and certified auditors, and get the facts right.

SOURCE Veterans Support Organization