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New Chair of Forensic Mental Health at the University of New South Wales

October 02, 2019

MSNBC: Vatican Push For Adult Stem Cells Can't Neglect Good ScienceThe Vatican this week reiterated that it has entered into an unusual partnership aimed at boosting use of adult stem cells to treat disease, rather than focusing on research into embryonic stem cells. Church leaders explicitly endorsed the work of New York-based NeoStem Inc. as part of the Vatican's recently announced $1 million, five-year initiative to direct research toward adult stem cell therapies and away from embryonic stem cell use. ?? Will the scientific or investment community in America or around the world take the suggestions of the pious and devout -; but scientifically rather undistinguished ?? seriously (Art Caplan, 11/13)?

Houston Chronicle: We Should (And Could) Be More HealthyAn important new survey reveals that 20 percent of Houstonians are in poor or fair health. ?? We fervently hope our local leaders -; health officials, educators, legislators, the business community, philanthropists -; can find the resources to truly make this survey a model for the country. We are a resourceful, innovative community. Surely we can do better for our neediest, least healthy neighbors (11/11).

Houston Chronicle: Texas Will Need 10,000 New Physicians Over The Next 10 Years: True Or False? Texas is now close to the bottom at 42nd in doctors per population and its share of the projected shortage is 10,000. ?? Does Texas need more physicians, especially in rural areas? Probably. Does Texas need 10,000 more physicians in the next 10 years? Probably not (Arthur Garson Jr. and Carolyn Long Engelhard, 11/11).

New Orleans Times-Picayune: Beware Use Of Data To Ration Health Care Comparative effectiveness research is an important type of research that pits different medical treatments against one another to measure which are most effective for patients. ... I hope local doctors and patients will appear at the Patient Centered Outcomes and Research Institute's public comment periods on Monday and Tuesday to remind its Board of Governors to stay true to their mission: providing "patient-centered CER" to the American people and helping ensure that lawmakers respect the well-intended provision in the Affordable Care Act meant to prevent the use of CER to ration health care (Dr. Donald Palmisano, 11/11).

The New York Times: A Singer's Search for an AIDS Cure Today, we're at the most interesting and opportune time in the history of the epidemic, but it's the most perilous as well. Research has given us some spectacular advances. We now have extraordinary tools at our disposal, including a microbicide that reduces a woman's risk of acquiring H.I.V. and a pill that helps prevent its acquisition in gay men. ... But it takes money to distribute these tools (Kevin Robert Frost, 11/14).

The Connecticut Mirror: Exchange Board Lacks True Consumer Representation I spend all day every day talking to and working for patients with chronic illnesses. ... What I see first-hand on a daily basis allows me to predict what the needs of patients will be as they seek to purchase insurance through the exchange. ... It's not enough to have good intentions; without real world experience working with consumers, the exchange board members will not anticipate and address consumers' needs (Jennifer Jaff, 11/11).

Denver Post: The Nation's Healthiest State Can Be ColoradoThe vision of Colorado being the healthiest state in the nation is a bold one. More importantly, it's achievable. By understanding physical and mental health, education and jobs as inter-related investments, each dependent on the other, we can turn this bold vision into an exciting reality. While a focus on physical and mental health is important, we at the Colorado Health Foundation understand that our state and the nation can only make real progress if kids are well educated and people are working (Anne Warhover, 11/12).

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