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U.S. community health centers receive $500,000 grant to increase access to quality healthcare

July 08, 2019

"Today, access to quality healthcare is one of the biggest challenges facing communities across the U.S.," said Mike Barber, vice president, GE healthymagination. "The city of Baltimore fares worse than the rest of the state of Maryland on almost every major health indicator, including heart disease, infant mortality and asthma. Chase Brexton Health Services and People's Community Health Centers exemplify the type of community centers who strive to help those in need of healthcare services, and we want to support those committed to delivering quality care through the Developing Health program. At GE, we aim to change the approach to healthcare by reducing the cost, improving the quality and increasing access to care."

Developing Health is a partnership between GE Corporate Citizenship and the GE Corporate Diversity Council. Modeled after GE's successful philanthropic program Developing Health Globally??, the program was launched in New York City in October 2009, and has since expanded to Milwaukee, Houston, Cincinnati, Louisville and New Orleans.

The Developing Health program builds on the success of GE's existing Developing Health Globally (DHG) program. Launched in Africa in 2004, this philanthropic program now extends to 14 countries across Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia. DHG aims to improve healthcare for some of the world's most vulnerable populations. DHG uses GE core competencies including technology, expertise and employee engagement to provide sustainable "enterprise solutions" that address some of the critical gaps that exist in developing-world healthcare facilities.

For more information on Developing Health Globally, visit: ge/citizenship/performance_areas/communities_philanthropy_health.jsp.

For more information on Developing Health visit: ge/foundation/developing_health.jsp.

Source: GE Foundation