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Zyban General Info

Zyban pills General Info

Zyban is a combined drug for the treatment of smoking dependence caused by nicotine.

Zyban is a modulator of the system of positive emotional reinforcement, which reduces the intensity of craving for psychoactive drugs. It is good for patients who want to quit smoking, and it normalizes the balance of neurotransmitters in the central nervous system.

Also, the drug is characterized by neuroprotective activity, which increases the brain's resistance to toxic effects, reduces the severity of vegetative manifestations in abstinent states, improves integrative activity, increases mental performance, and eliminates the cognitive impairment.

Zyban allows to minimize such impacts as tachycardia, severe weakness, sweating, loss of appetite and efficiency, thought about nicotine and internal discomfort, bad mood, irritability disorders.

Taking the drug helps to reduce the dose of nicotine consumed and the number of cigarettes smoked, as well as it reduces anxiety on the background of smoking. Zyban does not have a muscle relaxant effect, does not have a carcinogenic potential, and it’s treatment does not lead to the development of addiction to this drug.

During therapy, the patient's weight does not increase with the cessation of smoking. These antibodies are characterized by membranotropic action, which explains the inhibition of generation and reduction of the amplitude of the action potential, modulate synaptic transmission in limbic brain structures, reticular formation, and hippocampus, and contribute to the activation of inhibitory effects in the central nervous system.

During the experiments, in which the models of self-stimulation of the Zyban were used, a synergistic anti-addictive effect was confirmed with the combined use of both active ingredients of the drug.

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Article is posted by Helen Molina, MD

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