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Aygestin is accessible as round white tablets. One tablet of Aygestin contains dynamic fixing, which is 5 mg of norethisterone.
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Clomid is an anti-estrogen drug. Clomid is an enemy of estrogen medication of non-steroid structure.
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Danazol is a medication that smothers the generation of gonadotropic hormones. Danazol has a solid reversible impact, and a slight androgenic and anabolic impact.
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Estrace is a hormonal estrogenic medicine, which indistinguishable to the endogenous estradiol created by the ovaries (framed in the assortment of ladies, beginning with the main monthly cycle and closure with the menopause time frame).
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Evista influences the cycle of development and decimation of bone in the body and lessens the bone loss.
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Fosamax belongs to the group of bisphosphonates. Being localized in the foci of bone resorption, the substance lowers the activity of the main cells involved in the resorption process - osteoclasts, thereby inhibiting the destruction of bone.
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Gestanin stimulates the secretory phase in the myometrium, creates conditions for the development of a fertilized egg, and contributes to the preservation of pregnancy.
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Ladygra is generic Viagra for female, and it increases blood flow to the genitals. Ladygra has a complex effect.
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Latisse (bimatoprost) is an anthropogenic form of a natural substance called prostaglandin. Latisse is used to treat hypotrichosis (abnormal growth of eyelashes).
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Levlen is a postcoital oral contraceptive. Levlen is a synthetic progestogen with a contraceptive effect and a pronounced progestogenic and antiestrogenic effect.
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Norplant-72 is a synthetic progestogen with a contraceptive effect and progestogenic and antiestrogenic effect.
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Ponstel is a drug with analgesic, antipyretic and anti-inflammatory effects. Postel is produced in the form of tablets (in blister packs of 10 pcs.
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ProveraThe Provera mediation is intended to combat hormone-dependent forms of recurrent breast cancer, recurrent and/or metastatic cancer of the endometrium, kidney.
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Vaniqa is a medicine, which prevents chemical exposure in the hair follicles under the skin, and slows down hair growth when it is applied.
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