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Aygestin General Info

Aygestin pills General Info

Aygestin is accessible as round white tablets.

One tablet of Aygestin contains dynamic fixing, which is 5 mg of norethisterone. Helper segments of Aygestin are lactose monohydrate, cornstarch, gelatin, potato starch, powder, magnesium stearate, colloidal silicon dioxide.

Pharmacological action

Norethisterone, the active ingredient of the Aygestin, belongs to the gestagens and has the parts of estrogen and androgen. Aygestin causes the transformation of the uterine membrane in the secretory phase of the proliferation phase, prevents the onset of ovulation and the maturation of the follicles, blocking the secretion of gonadotropin in the pituitary.

According to the instructions, Aygestin is indicated for:


Premenstrual syndrome;


Diagnostic progesterone test;

Endometrial hyperplasia;


Anovulatory metrorrhagia;

Uterine myoma.

According to the instructions, Aygestin is also used for the prevention and cessation of lactation.

You can combine it with estrogen. The duration of taking Aygestin is no longer than six months. Take one tablet of Aygestin per day from 5 to 25 cycles for six months. After reaching the therapeutic effect, you should take Aygestin 1-2 tablets between the 16th and 25th days of the cycle, usually in combination with estrogen, in order to avoid relapse.

In some cases, Aygestin causes the following side effects:

Vomiting, nausea;

Increased fatigue;

Acyclic bleeding from the vagina;

Allergic reactions;

A headache;

Weight gain;

Breast tension;

Paresthesia. Aygestin should not be taken during lactation, as it reduces the secretion of milk and affects its quality.

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Article is posted by Helen Molina, MD

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