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Bunions and Hammertoes (Bones and Joints)

Signs and Symptoms of Bunions and Hammertoes (Bones and Joints)
1. A lump on the side of the joint connecting the big toe to the foot.
2. A big toe that points inward or outward.
3. Pain of swelling, or stiffness in the joint.

Bunions and Hammertoes
1. A toe (frequently the second one) bent in like a claw.
2. A corn at the top of the toe.
3. Pain in the toe.

What to do now
Though self-care won’t cure these problems but you can relieve from pain:
1. Wear well-designed, comfortable shoes to relieve pressure on the foot.
2. For temporary relief around the house, use sandals with smooth edges.
3. Buy toe caps (padded sleeves that go around the top of a toe) to relieve the pain of a hammertoe.
4. Soak your feet in warm water.
5. Take over-the-counter medications to relieve pain.

When to call a doctor
1. If you have long-term redness, pain, or inflammation.
2. If you find it hard to walk, wear shoes, or normal doing activities.
3. If you have diabetes or poor circulation and notice irritated skin over a bunion or hammertoe; it can become infected and lead to serious problems, such as tissue death.

How to prevent it
1. Wear shoes that don’t pinch your toes. Avoid pointed, high-heeled shoes.
2. Fit new shoes to your large foot. Most people’s feet are not exactly the same size.
3. Since feet tend to swell during the day if you’ve these diseases, so it would be better to shop for new shoes at the end of the day.
4. If you have early signs of a bunion or hammertoe, see your doctor or podiatrist and ask about orthotics, custom-made shoe inserts that can reduce the risk of foot problems.

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