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Diaper Rash (Children’s Health)

Signs and Symptoms of Diaper Rash (Children’s Health)
1. Redness or small swelling on a baby’s lower abdomen, thigh folds, buttocks, genitals, or any place that has contact with wet or soiled diapers.
2. In the same areas, tight, dry skin or red skin.
3. Strong smell.

Diaper Rash

What to do now
1. Keep your baby’s bottom as clean and dry as possible.
2. Always dry your baby’s bottom after bath.
3. Apply zine oxide ointment to the inflamed area after washing and drying your baby. Baby powder is not an effective alternative.

When to call a doctor
1. If a baby’s foreskin becomes very red and inflamed.
2. If there is no improvement after four days of home treatment.
3. If the diaper area is covered with red or pus-filled blisters, which then crust over; this may be impetigo.
4. If your baby’s rash affects more than the diaper area.

How to prevent it
1. Avoid plastic pants or disposable diapers that are tight around the tummy or legs.
2. Make sure air can circulate inside your baby’s diaper.
3. Change soiled or wet diapers as soon as you can.
4. Expose your baby’s bottom to the air as much as possible.
5. If you wash cloth diapers yourself, use a mild laundry soap, and avoid fabric softeners, which can irritate skin. Put the diapers through several rinse cycles to remove all traces of detergent. And two tablespoons of vinegar to the rinse water; this helps fight bacteria.

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