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Diminished Sexual Desire (Sexual Health)

Signs and Symptoms of Diminished Sexual Desire (Sexual Health)
1. Lack of interest in sex for more than two months.
2. Avoidance of sex, a low level of sexual activity in couples or anxiety about sex.
3. Sometimes premature ejaculation, pain during intercourse, impotence or inability to have an orgasm.

Diminished Sexual Desire

What to do now
1. Experiment with your sex life – have sex in different locations, in different positions, and at different times of days.
2. If you are feeling anxious about your ability to perform sexually, discuss these feelings with your partner.
3. Talk to your partner about what arouses you sexually.
4. Try reading erotic materials, watching erotic videos, or indulging in sexual fantasy, if these appeal to you.

When to call a doctor
1. If diminished sexual desire is causing problems in your relationship.
2. If you develop problems such as impotence or pain during intercourse.
3. If you don’t respond to self-measures; you may have an illness.
4. If you think a medication is the cause.
5. If you are depressed.

How to prevent it
1. Take steps to reduce stress.
2. Exercise regularly and eat healthy items; get plenty of sleep.
3. Devote time to your relationship.
4. Try to solve problems in your relationship before they build up.

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