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Glaucoma (Eyes)

Signs and Symptoms of Glaucoma (Eyes)
In general, there are no symptoms at first. By the time symptoms do appear, some vision may have been lost permanently, so it’s very important do diagnose and treat glaucoma early.


In chronic glaucoma:
1. Teary, aching eyes.
2. Blurred vision.
3. Progressive loss of side (Peripheral) vision.
4. Occasional headaches.

In acute glaucoma:
1. Severe, sudden eye pain.
2. Blurred vision.
3. Rainbow halos around lights.
4. Headaches.
5. Nausea and vomiting.

In Secondary glaucoma (after an injury or certain diseases):
1. Blurred vision
2. Headaches.
3. Halos around lights.

What to Do Now
There is no home treatment for glaucoma, so it’s important for the patient so s(he) goes to doctor to diagnose and treat glaucoma early to prevent eye damage.

When to Call a Doctor
1. If you experience symptoms of glaucoma you’ll need medical attention right away.
2. If you are being treated for glaucoma and another doctor prescribes drugs for another ailment.
3. If you are taking eye drops or pills of glaucoma and you experience side effects such as headaches; red eyes; a stinging sensation in the eyes; blurred vision; drowsiness; loss of appetite; bowel irregularities; kidney stones; or easy bleeding; changes in heartbeat, pulse or breathing; tingling of fingers and toes; or you learn you have anemia.
4. If you become drowsy, fatigued, or short of breath after taking eye drops for glaucoma. The medication may be aggravating heart or lung problem.

How to Prevent
1. Get an eye exam every three to four years if you are 39 or older.
2. Schedule an eye exam every one to two years if you have family members with glaucoma or severe myopia, if you have ever had a serious eye injury, or if you are taking antidepressants or medications for asthma or irritable bowel syndrome.
3. If you have diabetes, take steps to control it.

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