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Lupus (General Problems)

Signs and Symptoms of Lupus (General Problems)
1. Rashes shaped like butterflies across the nose and cheeks.
2. Aching, swollen joints.
3. Numbness in the fingers and toes.
4. Swollen abdomen and swollen ankles (sometimes).
5. Chest pain when breathing deeply.
6. Fever over 100 degrees.
7. Persistent fatigue.
8. Sores in the nose, mouth, or throat.
9. Unusual bleeding or bruising.
10. Dark urine.
11. Sensitivity to sunlight that results in a rash after time spent in the sun.
12. Mental or personality changes, including depression.

What to do now
1. Get lots of rest if you’re feeling tired. Take naps when you’re having a flare-up.
2. Put warm compresses on achy joints.
3. For discomfort, take aspirin or ibuprofen (after meals to avoid stomach upset).
4. Protect your hands from cold or irritation by wearing gloves.
5. Avoid the sun during the middle of the day. Thirty minutes before leaving home each day, apply a sunscreen with an SPE of at least 15. Sun exposure alone cause a flare-up in some people.
6. Eat healthfully-stick to a diet that’s low in fat and salt, high in complex carbohydrates and calcium.
7. Avoid alcohol, tobacco, and caffeine.
8. When the disease is in lessening in its severity and you feel well, start a regular exercise program. Swimming is one good way for people with lupus to keep their muscles in shape.

When to call a doctor
If your are experiencing the symptoms of kidney disease:
1. frequent urination; nausea and vomiting; pain in your chest and bones; swollen ankles; shortness of breath; itching, bruising, or bleeding; mental confusion; loss of consciousness.
Call for advice and an appointment:
1. If you have symptoms of lupus.
2. If you have been diagnosed with lupus and your symptoms get worse or change.

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