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Prostate Problems (Men’s Health)

Signs and Symptoms Prostate Problems (Men’s Health)
General symptoms:
1. Frequent, sometimes painful, or urgent need to urinate; urine might be bloody.
2. Consistently weak stream of urine, dribbling.
3. Incontinence (sometimes).

Prostate Cancer symptoms
Enlarged prostate:
1. Occasional feeling of incomplete bladder emptying.
1. Pain in the area between the scrotum and anus.
2. Painful ejaculation, blood in the semen or urine.
3. Fever and chills (acute prostatitis).
4. Pain in the lower back.

Enlarged prostate
Prostate Cancer:
Often no symptoms in early stages, occasionally followed by symptoms described above. In later stages:
1. Pain in the pelvis or lower back, or sometimes in other areas.

Prostate Cancer

What to do now
1. If you are getting up frequently to urinate at night, avoid caffeine and alcohol, and reduce fluid intake before bed.
2. Warm baths may help relieve pain and other symptoms.

When to call a doctor
1. If you develop the symptoms listed.
2. Men over 50 should have an annual rectal exam to check for lumps on the gland. Some doctors also recommend a blood test (called a prostate specific antigen, or PSA, test) that can detect prostate cancer.
3. Men with a family history of prostate cancer should begin their annual tests at age 40.
1. Treat any urinary tract infection before it can spread.

How to prevent it
Enlarged prostate:
1. There is no known way to prevent this condition.
Prostate Cancer:
1. Know your family history, if your father or brother had prostate cancer, your risk is much higher than if they didn’t.
2. Cut down on animal fat.

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