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Warts (Scalp and Nails, Skin)

Signs and Symptoms of Warts (Scalp and Nails, Skin)
Common warts
Small, hard, rough, raised growths that usually appear on the skin or on the hands and fingers.
Plantar warts
Same hard growth as common warts but on the soles of the feet sometimes making, walking painful.
Genital warts
Thin, small bumps, round or flat, sometimes in groups, that appear on or near the genitals.
Flat Warts
Group of up to several hundred small, flat growths, often found on the face, neck, chest, knees, hand, writs, or forearms.
Filiform warts
Thin, threadlike growth that take root on the face or neck.


What to do now
1. If you don’t mind your warts, relax; they’re risk-free. If they bother you, you can probably get good results removing them at home. If you’re over 45 and a new wart appears, check with a doctor before trying home care.
2. The standard method for removing warts, when they are on the face or the genitals, is to use an over-the-counter wart remover (salicylic acid). It gently peels the surface of the wart away until the Body’s immune forces can attack the virus lodged inside.
3. Plantar warts often extend below the surface of the skin; removal may require the help of a skin specialist. Using padded insoles in your shoes may reduce discomfort.

When to call a doctor
1. If you have a wart that does not respond to home treatment particularly if it bleeds or change color.
2. If you or your partner have genital warts, which can be contagious and also have been associated with cervical cancer in women.
3. If you’re over 45 and you find a new wart. You doctor will want to check it to make sure it’s not skin cancer.
4. If you want a wart on your face removed, and you don’t want to risk scarring.

How to prevent it
1. Don’t scratch existing warts-it may cause them to spread.
2. Don’t touch other people’s warts.
3. When shaving, use an electric razor to avoid the small nicks and scratches that may give virus a point of entry.
4. When using public showers, wear sandals or other footwear.

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